Five Top Tips for Fixing Your Face! Men’s Tips and Tricks for Natural Looking Cover-ups.

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There’s been a new player in the cosmetics industry for a while now. However, makeup for men is nothing new. The aristocrats in the 18th century weren’t the first pioneers to throw powders and cream on their faces. It was the the ancient Egyptians who, some three to four thousand years ago, were using black minerals in various solutions to outline their eyes and appear more impressive.

Of course, these are extreme examples of the shifting trends in makeup. More recently, the industry has seen a surge of men seeking natural looking, invisible makeup (nobodies after a face covered in white powder anymore! Yeah, looking at you, you aristocratic bunch of 17th century weirdos).

With that in mind, we’re presenting for you our top five tips and instructions to hide spots, blemishes, bags and zits, whilst looking like you’ve got nothing on at all!


  1. Choose a makeup designed for men
  • This is not a marketing gimmick. Men have thicker, oilier skin with larger pores. Combine this with the need for any makeup to look 100% natural and you see why you need to use the right stuff
  • See our post on men’s make up where we explore, in-depth, the differences and reasons for men’s and women’s makeup.


  1. Clean your face – you’ll see why, and be thankful later
  • No, we don’t mean that you need to wash the food and other crap off of your face (although that’s seriously important.. and we hope you don’t need us to tell you that)
  • Your skin produces natural oils. These oils build up. And much like how you need to clean and prep any surface before you varnish or paint it, you need to prep your face
  • Wash your face with a gentle exfoliant. Scrub the oil off, along with the dead skin cells
  • Finish with a moisturizer. Leave this for 5-10 minutes while it sinks into your skin – make a coffee, eat your breakfast, or just explore the depths of your naval
  • Any makeup product will look far more natural if you wash and moisturize


  1. Foundation? Concealer?
  • Foundation makes sense in only a few cases, and never if you have a beard. A concealer is often your best best
  • For all over coverage use a liquid foundation. However, it’s unlikely you’ll be left with the natural look you’re after
  • For spot coverage, or if you have a beard, choose a concealer that is a close match to your natural skin tone


  1. Less is more
  • You’re looking for a natural look. Therefore, the less you use, the more natural it will look
  • A note of caution – don’t underuse. Applying a tiny amount of concealer may in fact draw attention to what you’ve just covered up – experiment with finding the right balance for your face


  1. Hide dark circles and blemishes
    • Following on from our number two tip, our top tip focusses on what to hide
    • It can be tempting to go overboard and attempt to hide every single spot. But nobody has a naturally spotless face
    • Focus on the dark under-eye circles first. These are the number one area people notice, and the number one area men want to cover up
      • Apply a small amount of the concealer using short strokes
      • Blend. Using your finger, blend from the corner of your eye, down to your cheekbone, and up and around your eye to your eyelid. Blend until you can blend no more!
      • Use a matt powder – If you have other areas to conceal, hold off on the matt powder for the moment. More on this next


  • Focus on major blemishes including zits second. Once your eyes are done, feel free to tackle the other areas of your face, remembering that a few blemishes are normal, and will look natural


    • Apply a tiny amount of concealer underneath the zit or blemish.
    • Work upwards over the area and blend in
    • Use a matt powder to gently brush over the top of the concealer and lightly cover the rest of your face. The matt powder will reduce any oily shine, and aid with the blending!


The rest will be a process of trial and error. Experiment to see what works, and take a look at yourself under various light sources – if you work under fluorescent lights, consider investing in a fluorescent light to use when applying any products. Additionally, check yourself out in the sun, in bright and low light, and periodically throughout the day until you’re confident you’ve got it down pat.

On a serious note, we didn’t feel that our very final tip deserved to be shoved into a top five list. In fact, we have a whole article dedicated to this topic here.

For many men, the perceptions and prejudice towards makeup come from an insecure place to begin with. However, if something works, use it. We already do so much in order to stay healthy and looking our best. So, if adding an extra, powerful, product to our arsenal boosts our self-confidence, it’s a no brainer!

Follow these tips, proceed with confidence, and enjoy the ego boost that comes from looking your best every day!

Men. We’re Looking in the Mirror Too much.

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Make up your Man-Mind, Men!


I’m a man. That’s not surprising, there was roughly a 50% chance that I would be.

Almost every single day I’ve caught myself thinking “I hate my face”. Maybe that’s surprising? Men aren’t meant to be so self conscious, are they?

I’m not disfigured. I’ve never broken my nose, and I’ve had approximately three pimples in the past 12 months. So why do I hate my face? There’s nothing abnormal about it! What am I trying to hide? And what can I do?

For most of the time, I don’t worry too much. Some days are better than others, but there’s still that bubbling undercurrent of anxiety every day that I wake up the wrong side of the bed. These are the days filled with sideways glances to catch my reflection, a bad habit that I had to stop.

We know that both stress and anxiety impact our capacity to function to the best of our ability. Our stress hormones rise. Heartbeat and respiration rates shoot up; pumping more oxygen and blood to our muscles and prepping us – ready to spring into action. Our cognitive functions change. We aren’t able to learn new information, instead, our focus is drawn to the immediate and present dangers around us.

It seems ridiculous that a bit of anxiety and stress about the bags under my eyes, or the odd pimple that surfaces, could impact me so much. But that’s the way we’ve evolved. We care about the way we look. We don’t have to be a model or an actor, but making ourselves look good allows us to be accepted in our society.. I mean, you don’t go to a job interview looking shabby, do you?

Here’s how it works: Whenever we get anxious, such as when we’re worried that we’re not fitting in because of our looks, our body responds by activating our hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.

This is our evolutionary defense mechanism for times of stress – more commonly known as the fight or flight response, or the adrenaline kick. There’s even research to suggest that this process can lead to habit forming behaviours.

I thought about this. I decided I wanted to change. I wanted to break my bad habit of catching my reflection whenever I could, and hating my face every time that I did. The bags under my eyes never go away and people always ask me why I’m so tired – all the time!

So I did something. I can’t get rid of the bags naturally – I’ve tried; I sleep well, I eat healthy, and I exercise regularly. I look after myself!

So, it was time to think outside the box. It was time to conceal the bags under my eyes.

I’ve always freaked out about the idea of putting something on my face – my girlfriends have all done it, I’ve seen actors and politicians on TV do it just before an interview, but I had never done it!

Deciding I was being irrationally averse to the idea, and remembering that I’ve heard of stuff that looks like it’s not even there, I did a little research. Turns out, I was definitely not the first.

The internet is full of articles for men’s face care products. Everything from How-To articles, to forums, blogs and YouTube tutorials. But I didn’t want to have to work out how to use my girlfriend’s war paint just to make myself look normal! Turns out, again, I was definitely not the first one to want this.

That’s how I go onto using what I now thank for changing my day to day life. It’s marketed as a men’s concealer, and it takes two seconds to use. It hasn’t done anything else except get rid of the bags under my eyes. It’s only covered them up.

But people are asking me if I’ve been sleeping better. I tell them yes.

I’m still not confident to tell them I’m using a concealer. But at the end of the day I’m happier with the way that I look, I’m more confident in meetings, I’ve broken my bad habit, and I spend far less time thinking, and stressing about something as silly as the bags under my eyes.

I’m sure one day soon I’ll be confident enough to openly tell people about my trick. But it’s small steps one at a time. I’ve already come round to the idea of feeling comfortable with using the concealer. It’s allowed me to conquer my daily anxiety.

Something as simple as the concealer is now starting to generate bigger waves in both my career and my social life.

It’s the small change I needed to tackle the bigger challenges that lay ahead.

7 fast ways to hide signs of a disastrous hangover!

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At first it was just a couple of drinks with your buddies after a very busy day in the office. Yet the ‘happy hour’ escalated to tens of tequila shots cheering and grooving you up well into the next morning. A full night of heavy drinking, smoking, and dancing has its toll on your skin and overall wellness. Your eye area is red and puffy, your face is swollen and your skin gets dehydrated, greasy and wrinkled. You’ve got a serious headache and a nauseous stomach. You are sleepy with a dull expression that hardly shows the fun you had a few hours ago. Alcohol strips off your body from liquids, causes hypoglycemia and loads you with poisonous toxins. You need to recover soon and these are ways to speed up the process and camouflage the signs of excess.


Fake the fresh-faced look by washing it initially with lukewarm water and a gentle gel cleanser that removes impurities and sebum, then rinsing it with cold water that reduces puffiness and tightens skin pores.   


Go for veggie eye-pads that sooth, de-puff and refresh the area. Place over your eyelids slices of cool cucumber or potato. Alternatively, use boiled and cooled-off black tea bags whose caffeine reduces redness, or chamomile bags that additionally fight inflammation. The tannins included in those teas enhance blood flow and their antioxidants minimize swelling. Redness all over your face, which is the result of expanded capillaries close to the surface of your skin, can also be combated with the application of pure aloe vera gel.   


To instantly hide dark circles, redness and other signs of inflammation apply small quantity of a good concealer beneath the swollen areas and directly over all the shadowy spots. Tap the product with your fingers until it is totally assimilated and unified with your skin texture and tone. Add product gradually to avoid excess that causes a ‘cakey’ and unnatural effect. For men, concealer has to be invisible, subtly correcting and hiding any hangover traces. Smooth it out at your creases, fine lines and wrinkles to avoid visible concentration of product there. A good concealer for dark purplish or bluish circles carries orangey undertones that offset these cold shades. It should also be able to adjust with your skin tone, becoming one with your complexion. If alcohol left you with an oily skin, mattify with a good face powder specially designed to absorb the oils and disappear! Puff with a great quality wide powder brush, which is your way to apply as little quantity as possible on shaved or clean areas, particularly your forehead and nose.   


To restore water levels in your body – one to two drinks equal the dehydration you get during a flight – drink as much water as possible and consume green veggies that are rich in water. It’s your way to get alkaline and achieve hydration balance in your muscles and organs. It will also flush off toxins from your bloodstream. Coconut water is another recommended low-fat-and-sugar and rich-in-electrolytes drink offering you a precious mix of sodium and minerals that maintain hydration. Fresh fruit juices healthily restore sugars in your body. Caffeine-free soda will help your stomach metabolize alcohol fast. And for nausea, get some warm ginger or peppermint tea. If nothing else available, get your electrolytes from energy drinks, not necessarily the best option, but still somewhat effective.     


Potassium, depleted through heavy drinking, is a powerful electrolyte found in bananas and potatoes, whose consumption is highly recommended post-party. Asparagus contains amino acids that metabolize alcohol faster than anything else and protect you from long-term effects of accumulated toxins in your liver. Ginger is energizing and curative too, while tomato gives you easy-to-break-down sugars. For the same reason, you can have simple snacks such as crackers or a toast that will not upset your stomach.


Before going to bed get an aspirin, whose anti-inflammatory properties will improve your skin condition, reducing puffiness and redness. At the same time, it will save your from headache. Place your head propped up high against your pillow to minimize swelling and puffiness under your eyes. Sleeping while your body struggles to metabolize alcohol and get rid of toxins is the fastest way to recover. If you have the luxury to skip office, lie down right away.    


The day after, your eyes are sensitive to the sun and already red on the inside, so a stylish pair of dark sunnies is the right accessory to mask off and protect the irritation going on in this area. Camouflaging your oiliness, dark circles and under-eye bags with proper men’s concealer and powder will allow you to take them off when inside. Your face will be flawless, ready for great deals, interviews and meetings!

This is Why Men Must Choose Makeup for Them

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What’s a man to do? With a resolved determination, he scours for the best product available that will make him look his best. But where does he begin? Why not just use his girlfriend’s, or his wife’s makeup to get the job done? Nobody will know, right?

It’s not that simple. Men and women have very different skin, and not least because most men’s faces sprout beards that require the use of a razor to drag across the skin, daily!

The epidermis – the skin – protects our bodies, and it wears the scars to prove it. From wrinkles to pimples, to scratches and gashes, we have our skin to thank for protecting us.

But the epidermis isn’t equal amongst the sexes. With thanks paid to the different hormones at play, men’s skin is roughly 25% thicker than women’s. Men produce more sebum (oil from the sebaceous glands), they sweat more, and their skin is naturally more hydrated than women’s skin.

Bearing these things in mind, let’s remember that women’s makeup has been developed for their skin. Technological advancements have meant that these products have been engineered to perfectly suit the skin profiles of women; matching their skin density, moisture content, PH, and aging characteristics.

So what’s the key difference in makeup for the sexes? Anything applied to your face, be it cream or powder, is made of tiny refined particles. The powders are crushed to a miniscule size, and the creams are engineered to contain just the right balance of moisture and PH.

Women’s makeup has been designed and engineered to perfectly match their skin. The particles are the right size to fill the gaps, cracks and pores. The creams are of the right consistency to work with the skins natural PH and moisture content.

So, it’s likely you can now see what differences mens products require. With powdered particles ground finer, moisture and PH content adjusted and balanced, and makeup engineered to look natural for men’s skin, it is a bad idea to borrow makeup from you female friends.

Put simply: Makeup that sits ontop of the skin looks unnatural. Men’s skin is thicker than women’s by 20%. Therefore, men’s makeup must be designed in way that allows it to sink into the skin, just as it does for women.

Using the wrong product on your skin will do more harm than good. Most men want their makeup to be invisible. They want to improve their looks and appear natural without anyone knowing how they did it. If you use makeup that hasn’t been designed for your natural skin, you skin will not look natural. Achieve the results you want by using the product you need.

See our top five tips for natural looking cover ups

There’s a lot to be said about the success of gendered marketing – creating demand by selling virtually identical products targeted at both men and women. However, this is one of those times when sex really does make a difference.